Carl Is A Car

Carl Is A Car Signature Series

Carl is a fun, adventurous children's story  that is launching world wide.  Taking America by storm, this wonderful tale is available for children of all ages everywhere.  Only here can you get a uniquely, hand-signed copy for your very own.

Available Now

You can get Carl Is A Car at,, and Barnes and  However, you can only get a signed copy through Aether Toys & Games.

Limited Run

Only a select amount of signed books will be available for purchase.  The author wanted to keep the signature series at a low run so the value of each would be increased for the buyer.  He had the collector's interests at heart.

Charitable Donations

A large portion of the proceeds from the sale of Carl Is A Car is going to specific charities for children.  One of these is Riley's Children's Hospital.  Carl is a fun book that we believe will help children want to read, but we want to help in any other way we can.

Carl Signature Series FAQs

  1. Q:  Does the author use a stamp for his signature, or is each unique, and handwritten?

               A:  Each signed copy of Carl Is A Car is hand-signed by the author after the purchase has been                     made.

         2.  Q:  Will the author personalize my copy and make the salutation specific to me?

               A:  Unfortunately, we do no not offer personalized copies at this time.  

        3.  Q:  Can I purchase an unsigned copy on this website?

             A:  Yes, unsigned copies of Carl Is A Car can be purchased at Xlibris, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.                   Aether Toys & Games also offers unsigned copies for purchase.  You can follow the links to make                   the purchase of your choice.