A Timeless Lesson

The Original Children's Storybook

                                                                         Carl is a Car

       The book tells the story of Carl and his best friend Emily. Every day is like a new adventure for them as they roll about the city finding fun and excitement. The day takes them to lots of places that they love, and they love being together.  However, Carl finds out that Emily is moving far away. He becomes very sad as he continues to fill his days with activity.                                     

        Soon, Carl finds himself in a strange new place where he meets new friends that live nearby. Will Carl see Emily again? Will his new friends help him feel better?  Find out inside!

        Kids want to have fun when they read, and this book is fun to read.  Carl gives us hope, and we believe that after reading this book, children will learn that change can be good, and keeping a positive outlook helps everything work out in the end.

A Peek Inside

Meet the Family

Here's Carl, Emily, and the whole gang.

Fun and Adventure

New and exciting adventures 

are waiting around every corner.

Always Exciting

Carl and Emily have fun everywhere they go.

Lots of Friends

There's always someone new to get along with.

Take in the Sights

Carl sees many things as he

 journeys into new adventures.

Wonderful World

Your child will love the wonderful world of

 Carl Is A Car.

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